International conference - Empower Deprived Learners - Making learning more attractive for low-level educated adults through introduction of self-organized learning - A transfer system into three different European societies

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International conference


Multiplier conference


The Empower Deprived Learners project consortium invited many stakeholders in education and Lifelong Learning from 13 European countries to the final multiplier conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Altogether, 27 people participated at the conference and workshops held June 30th, 2009.

Some of the conference participants
Some of the conference participants

During the conference, project aims were presented and Empower Deprived Learners products were introduced to Turkish and international guests. Challenges and solutions in dealing with the target groups were discussed in workshops. The international multipliers and Turkish guests could also contribute to the discussion with their own experience. At the end of the conference, other European projects were presented. Presentations held within the multiplier conference are available for free download here below.


Agenda for download

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Presentations for download


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Summary of the countries' situations

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The "Empower Deprived Learners" approach

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The "Empower Deprived Learners" products

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Examples showing Turkish implementation of Empower products

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Other European projects

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