Links - Empower Deprived Learners - Making learning more attractive for low-level educated adults through introduction of self-organized learning - A transfer system into three different European societies

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Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine site - Article " Problem - based learning (PBL)"

infed (the informal education homepage) - article called "Self-Direction"

the Active Reviewing Guide site - Article "Experiental Learning Cycles"

UKOLN, University of Bath site - Article "Distance Training and WWW-Learning environments"

Higher Education Academy Health Sciences & Practice site - Project "Dyslexic students´self-directed learning of subject-specific terminology

African Journals Online - article "Self-directed learning: adult learners´perceptions and their study materials"

Joint Information Systems Comittee (JISC) site - project "MANSLE: Manchaster Self-directed Learning and ePortfolios"

Department for Education and Skills site - Report "National Adult Learning Survey (Nals) 2001"

Humanising Language Teaching site - Article "Self-Directed Learning As A Growing Trend In In-Company EFL"

Teaching English site (British Council and the BBC) - Article "Motivation and e-learning - personal reflections"

London Metropolitan Universtiy stie - PowerPoint presentation "Youth & Lifelong Learning Directorate, Informal e-learning Research, Metadata for Community Content Project

University of Lancaster site - resources, "Self-directed Study for International Students"

Brefi Group website - article "Self Directed Learning"

Siciety for the Furtherance of th Critical Philosophy site - Article "The Socratic Method and education"

International Special Education Congress 2000 site - Article "Self-directed learning: a myth or a possibility?"

Epic site - contains freely downloadable papers

Learn.Empowerment  Self-directed Learning for Low-skilled Unemployed People


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